Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A few of my favorite THINNNNNNGSSSSS

From the top!
Hair: staying in place, for once.
Marie Claire July 2009: featuring Cameron Diaz, who looks amazing in all-denim.
White cable-knit sweater: once belonged to my mother. Now fulfills all my needs for a hot-weather sweater, a piece of The One Hundred, and Rumi-style outfits.
Straw sunhat: Another piece of The One Hundred. Delightfully girly. Reminds me of The Stylish Wanderer.
Harley-Davidson harness boots: O EM GEE SO BADASS. Thrifted in perfect condition for a mere $10. Slightly One Hundred-y (kind of substitutes for Frye Harness Boots, right?)
Converse: Totally on Nina Garcia's list. Too big on me and totally beat up (shlumpy, doodled-0n, the whole shebang) but thrifted for 5 bucks. Completely worth it.

This list is totally subject to change at any time, btdubbs. Right now I have my eye on this pair of slightly flooding, slightly Western beige pants at the thrift store three blocks away. They look so cool with Converse, you guys. So hipster.

(p.s. I'm such a hipster, I've spent yesterday and today in baggy sweaters and leggings-as-pants. The one you can barely see in the picture is Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, in case you wanted to know.)

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