Thursday, July 2, 2009

TThhee OOuuttffiitt

Necklace: Claire's
Shirt: thrifted Gap
Skirt: thrifted AA
Tights: whateva
Shoes: thrifted Converse

This skirt plus tights equals easy high waist/muffin top coverage. Thank you, tight elastic waistband!

This skirt minus tights, on the other hand, equals people seeing my underwear as soon as I even think about bending over.

So tights are a must.

(P.S. the Converse kind of look like clown shoes because they're a size too big on me. I will not succumb to the buy-it-and-leave-it urge. THESE WILL BECOME STAPLES OF MY WARDROBE, GODDAMNIT.)

1 comment:

emily said...

wow, you have good thriftshops near you...