Wednesday, August 26, 2009


(thrifted dress, Target bra, grandmother's gifted wrist rosary, hair elastic, brother's--costume--glasses)
My broski (check out his blog, over there on the link list ==>) wore these glasses for the purpose of playing Bernard in Death of a Salesman. They are coming to NYC with me (college roolz) for the purpose of augmenting my expansive glasses collection, sun- or otherwise.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am a pretentious douchey hipster and I dun care

All thrifted, except for the black hair elastics (Walgreens) and the purple sweater (mom).
Why I like these things:
-Rumi of Fashion Toast is selling this same wrap cuff bracelet for $35 bux, and I got it at an antique store for $3. Woot!
-The cloth cuffs (50 cents each) are actually DIY bracelets made out of ties. I'm considering trying it myself, but I don't know how to attach pearl snaps to things, so for now I'll stick to the ones I bought.
-I feel like a pretentious douchey hipster in this charcoal gray scarf (see above). I even looped it around my neck in the pretentious douchey hipster style. I saw Weezy do this at a concert. It made me question his street cred. Oh well. It's cute and surprisingly warm.
-Navy blue Fayfarers (fake Wayfarers, but you knew that)! Love them. So funky. Forget that I once made fun of a friend for being "super original" in his Ray-Bans. I can be a pretentious douchey hypocritical hipster if I want to.
-Oh, and the sweater's really comfy. It doesn't show in the pictures (damn webcam) but it's a lovely lavender with a nice V-neck. Also, it's a medium and is thus nice and slouchy on me. Just like the real fashion bloggers (I am a fake--I never update and I take shitty pictures.)
The Bella jacket (see below) is treating me rather well too, despite being slightly tight in the arms. Now I just need lots of colors to pair it with. Too bad I only dress in dark neutrals.