Friday, July 31, 2009

the utterly fabulous jacket of yesterpost

(BB Dakota Bella jacket, gapbody tank, thrifted rainbow miniskirt)

Thanks to the wonderful Sally of Already Pretty, I am the proud owner of the cutest jacket ever. It's industrial, sturdy, girly, edgy, versatile, warm, comfortable, cozy, fitted, flattering, stylish, punky, and downright amazing.

I love it. To itty bitty bits.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a winner is me!

See this totally BA jacket? Perhaps you've seen it in a little hit movie called TWILIGHT. What am I saying, of course you have. Everyone's seen TWILIGHT. Who doesn't love TWILIGHT?
Now this jacket is MINE. Mine, I tell you, muahahaha. I won it in the latest contest over at
Already Pretty, which is a blog I highly recommend you check out, not just for the awesome stuff you could win over there (which is a plus), but for the amazingness of its writing and its reassurance that we all, despite our non-model looks and thrift store clothes, are gorgeous and stylish people. GO FORTH AND READ.

p.s. expect the jacket to be shown on this blog. I don't know when (as I don't know when it's coming to me) but expect it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

a contact sport, let the neighbors talk

Still awake at 2:15 in the ack emma, feeling deeply dippy and strangely fine.
Wearing a thrifted H&M tank, a thrifted straw hat, and a Gilligan&O'Malley bra from Tar-jayy.
A quick peek at my coat (among other things) rack, containing a big chunky circular Western belt, several denim jackets (the blue thingys), a vintage Diane von Furstenberg (the pink thingy), some actual coats (the brown thingys), and several scarves (far right). And towels. So handy for dryness-retention.

One of my latest shoe purchases--thrifted square-toed red platform Tommy Hilfiger chunky-heeled loafers. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? And to a certain extent, yes, it is, but these shoes are SUPER TALL (taller than even my go-to Bobbi Blu platform wedges) and thus allow me to put off going to the tailor's to hem my pants for, oh, at least another month or fifty.
Thanks, Goodwill (aka the best-kept secret in the West Suburbs)!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

it's up there with Star Wars and pumpkin pie

I have an intense craving for a ponytail.

Not that my hair was ever this sleek, but there were days when I could pull all of it back and look super sexy.  Seriously, you guys.  All the boys wanted to do me SO BAD.

THIS is pretty much why I love the ponytail.  Look at it!  It's elegant, it's flattering, it's slightly sporty, slightly edgy, and has that "I look great without trying too hard" quality which is so important in style.  For some reason, ponytails make anyone look five pounds thinner and eight years younger.  That's an exact calculation.  Thank you, math.

This is just ugly, but not ugly enough to dissuade me from wanting a ponytail.  I will conquer you yet, 80's references!

Also, I want a messy bun.  For some reason, my mind's self-image includes a messy bun, Batman t-shirt, and dark jeans.

All the sporty girls in my high school had this exact hairdo, like, every day.  Messy, slightly curly/greasy bun, minimal makeup, and an elastic headband.  I never owned an elastic headband (or could wear one without killing my scalp) but they seemed like the height of fashion to me because, well, all the cool girls wore them.  Silly high school girl.

Those of you who have ponytails (which is basically 78% of the female U.S. population, and about 13% of the male): YEA or NEIGH?

Also, stupid "pony"-related puns:  yea or nay?  (I swear to god, I almost typed 'yeigh' and 'neigh' and had to forcibly restrain myself.)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

TThhee OOuuttffiitt

Necklace: Claire's
Shirt: thrifted Gap
Skirt: thrifted AA
Tights: whateva
Shoes: thrifted Converse

This skirt plus tights equals easy high waist/muffin top coverage. Thank you, tight elastic waistband!

This skirt minus tights, on the other hand, equals people seeing my underwear as soon as I even think about bending over.

So tights are a must.

(P.S. the Converse kind of look like clown shoes because they're a size too big on me. I will not succumb to the buy-it-and-leave-it urge. THESE WILL BECOME STAPLES OF MY WARDROBE, GODDAMNIT.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm pretty sure I have never posted twice in one day

...except for that one time, I think back when I started. Which was a long time ago, and not at all proportional to how many posts this blog has. Which I think this makes 31. Whatever.

These are some things I found sitting in my unbearably messy room between the bed and the wall.

This is a vase. It was under my bed and I used it for a scene four months ago and had no need for it ever againsies. Now it lives under my bed. With the monsters.

My first and only Moleskine. The lack of spiral binding annoys me, because spiral binding makes drawing so much easier, but I have managed to fill this up with a considerable number of artworks, including this one on the folder in the back:

It IS good, goddamnit.

A B.A. black leather wallet from Claire's ($1! Incontheivable!) with studs and a buckle and stuff. Cow products are nummy.

This fan smells AMAZING. It is the only example of perfumed wood that I have ever actually encountered in the real live world. Did you ever read Memoirs of a Geisha? This fan is like that for me, but brought to life. If I had been Sayuri, I would have spent my entire career sniffing fans.

There are plenty more saved on my webcam, but the last thing the Internet needs is moar picturespamming. Maybe someday I'll reveal them to you. Muahahahaha.

A few of my favorite THINNNNNNGSSSSS

From the top!
Hair: staying in place, for once.
Marie Claire July 2009: featuring Cameron Diaz, who looks amazing in all-denim.
White cable-knit sweater: once belonged to my mother. Now fulfills all my needs for a hot-weather sweater, a piece of The One Hundred, and Rumi-style outfits.
Straw sunhat: Another piece of The One Hundred. Delightfully girly. Reminds me of The Stylish Wanderer.
Harley-Davidson harness boots: O EM GEE SO BADASS. Thrifted in perfect condition for a mere $10. Slightly One Hundred-y (kind of substitutes for Frye Harness Boots, right?)
Converse: Totally on Nina Garcia's list. Too big on me and totally beat up (shlumpy, doodled-0n, the whole shebang) but thrifted for 5 bucks. Completely worth it.

This list is totally subject to change at any time, btdubbs. Right now I have my eye on this pair of slightly flooding, slightly Western beige pants at the thrift store three blocks away. They look so cool with Converse, you guys. So hipster.

(p.s. I'm such a hipster, I've spent yesterday and today in baggy sweaters and leggings-as-pants. The one you can barely see in the picture is Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, in case you wanted to know.)