Thursday, July 9, 2009

it's up there with Star Wars and pumpkin pie

I have an intense craving for a ponytail.

Not that my hair was ever this sleek, but there were days when I could pull all of it back and look super sexy.  Seriously, you guys.  All the boys wanted to do me SO BAD.

THIS is pretty much why I love the ponytail.  Look at it!  It's elegant, it's flattering, it's slightly sporty, slightly edgy, and has that "I look great without trying too hard" quality which is so important in style.  For some reason, ponytails make anyone look five pounds thinner and eight years younger.  That's an exact calculation.  Thank you, math.

This is just ugly, but not ugly enough to dissuade me from wanting a ponytail.  I will conquer you yet, 80's references!

Also, I want a messy bun.  For some reason, my mind's self-image includes a messy bun, Batman t-shirt, and dark jeans.

All the sporty girls in my high school had this exact hairdo, like, every day.  Messy, slightly curly/greasy bun, minimal makeup, and an elastic headband.  I never owned an elastic headband (or could wear one without killing my scalp) but they seemed like the height of fashion to me because, well, all the cool girls wore them.  Silly high school girl.

Those of you who have ponytails (which is basically 78% of the female U.S. population, and about 13% of the male): YEA or NEIGH?

Also, stupid "pony"-related puns:  yea or nay?  (I swear to god, I almost typed 'yeigh' and 'neigh' and had to forcibly restrain myself.)

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monkeyboy12_111 said...

you are pretty much right but you got to acmitt that hair do is really pretty