Monday, July 13, 2009

a contact sport, let the neighbors talk

Still awake at 2:15 in the ack emma, feeling deeply dippy and strangely fine.
Wearing a thrifted H&M tank, a thrifted straw hat, and a Gilligan&O'Malley bra from Tar-jayy.
A quick peek at my coat (among other things) rack, containing a big chunky circular Western belt, several denim jackets (the blue thingys), a vintage Diane von Furstenberg (the pink thingy), some actual coats (the brown thingys), and several scarves (far right). And towels. So handy for dryness-retention.

One of my latest shoe purchases--thrifted square-toed red platform Tommy Hilfiger chunky-heeled loafers. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? And to a certain extent, yes, it is, but these shoes are SUPER TALL (taller than even my go-to Bobbi Blu platform wedges) and thus allow me to put off going to the tailor's to hem my pants for, oh, at least another month or fifty.
Thanks, Goodwill (aka the best-kept secret in the West Suburbs)!


kirstyb said...

Cute hat xooxx

Sal said...

Hey, beautiful - you won the Bella jacket! Drop me a note so I can hook you up.