Thursday, December 18, 2008

cousin bridesmaid

For my aunt's Christmas wedding. Simple and gorgeous.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Le Masque.

Attempts of mine to be more edgy and bold and gothic in the ways of fashion. Which is difficult when working with nothing but a dingy laptop camera. But ah well. Soon I shall make use of my family's digital camera, for I am home for the holidays!

I've had that fabric lying around for ages, btdubbs. It's fantastically purpley-brown and teal. FANTASTICALLY, I tell you.

Friday, December 12, 2008


(click for larger images)

I'm a hat person. It's probably not a good addiction. The first picture, one of my fave hats--this ratty old used fedora (still has feathers and everything!!) set me back $25. I know. What the hell. SO EXPENSIVE. I probably could have asked my grandpa for one and gotten it fo' free. Ah well. I get most of them off the street or vintage (the second fedora was off the street--I found its twin in denim for like, a dollar at K-Mart. This one was $10. Gah. New York prices.)

But when I wear it with my fab beige peacoat-esque jacket, I look very film noir. At least that's what one of my filmie friends said. Fedoras are super-fun, even if they are a bit out of style. Only because they're overused. I wear my wool tweed one all the time, because it's old and well-loved. I'll probably show it to my grandpa, who will immediately accept me as his favorite granddaughter.

(P.S. Behind me is my roommate, who is so sartorially fab it's not even close to funny. Someday, I shall get her to take some pictures, and you may all bask in her glory.)

Melissa Haro


From Sports Illustrated 2008


Seriously, I want to be best friends with her and play with her silky brown hair and cuddle with her. Look at her. Before she got typecast as slutty 20-year-old SI model (which will haunt her for the rest of her life) she was a surprisingly versatile (but still slutty) 16-year-old PR model.

Look at her in that adorable updated retro chaste silk flowered dress. LOOK AT IT.
Now look at her in that whoretastically fabulous pirate girl bikini. Can you even tell it's the same girl? Only barely. She's like Kate Moss with her versatility, only she's tall, dark, and voluptuous. If she ever breaks free of the SI curse, she could have a fantastic career. Honestly, it'd be good to see someone with a really killer bod after all the twiggy china dolls walking the runway for the past five years.

GAH! She could be Cindy Crawford. The potential, it burns!!

P.S. Look at her creamy, gorgeous skin. Raw as hell, girl!

Friday, November 28, 2008


The Gayboy of the Western World's Spring 2009 collection:

Some of them are awesome, like this:

And some of them are a travesty, like this:


Honestly, it's the color scheme that was a real problem. He tried to do his characteristic skinny bottoms and tight tops in colors and fabrics that were absolutely wrong for the job. That floaty, see-through stuff is cheap. I'm pretty sure that the pants fabric is charmeuse, which shows every wrinkle and flaw in the execution. Even if it's flawlessly sewn, that color makes it look wrinkled and cheap.

The dresses, on the other hand, are FABULOUS. Actually, anything that's not the Siriano super-fit is fabulous and fierce. The swooshy pants, the swooshy tank tops (except for that dreadful cardigan/blazer thingy), the gorgeous swirly organza dresses, even the hats, those silhouettes are fantastic. It's that silver I have a problem with mostly. If he had done more in the grey-blue, or the red, or even the yellow (ick), or if he had stuck to his characteristic black black black, it might have been a bit fiercer.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things I Love #1 (Accessories)

Things I own and am addicted to:

1. Chunky Platform Shoes

platform sneaker, Steve Madden: thrifted, $5.

platform ankle bootie, vibram; thrifted, $20.

So classy, no? I can't walk in heels AT ALL, and I'm 5'3 with a burning desire to be tall, so platform shoes are the way to go. I own two pairs of those platform sneakers, and left the first pair behind when I went off to college; when I saw them at the local Salvation Army, I freaked. It was destiny. I neeeeeeded them.
As for the booties, they're a wee bit tiny on me, but I think I can stretch them out with one of those fake-foot things. I got them the same day I got my jumpsuit (two days ago). My roommate told me I look like a clown when I wear them together. I respectfully disagree.

2. Statement Necklace

necklace, some store on 14th Street, $3.25.

Again, super-classy, right? I have a pretty simplistic wardrobe (lots of tees, jeans, sweatpants) and I need necklaces and jewelry and scarves to make it look good. I have a couple statement necklaces (one of which is my ID lanyard) but this is one of my favorites: it reminds me of some kind of tribal necklace made of tusks or human fingers or the like. I think I would still like it if it was made of human fingers--ANYWAY! It's a bit long, and I prefer the choker look, so I generally just tie it in a square knot behind my neck instead of clasping it.

(P.S. You can see a bit of my jumpsuit peeking out at the bottom of this picture. Smex, no?)

3. Hair Elastics

Ouchless hair elastics, from mother/any drugstore in America.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reference Pic

A quick approximation of my current outfit, done hastily in mechanical pencil and gray artist's markers (click for bigger and better view):

Of course, it's not nearly as good-looking as the real thing, the pant legs are rolled up to the knees, I have a face in real life, blah blah blah, but it's just a quick reference until I get some IRL pics up with something that's not my laptop webcam.

Note the elastic stirrups on my feet. Poorly drawn, but really funny.

The banner's temporary, by the way; just a quick Facebook picture of me and my classmates. Spooning. Yum.

Well hello!

My name's Jess. I've been a long time lurker around fashion blogs and the like, and as they've all been rather inspiring, I supposed I should give it a try. I haven't any outfit posts, I'm afraid, as I haven't a camera, but I can give you a quick rundown of what I'm currently wearing and perhaps add an image to it later.


Black polar fleece jumpsuit, folded over and worn as drop-crotch trousers (thrifted, $20). The look is very American Apparel without the priciness, or the shoddy construction which I so despise about that store. It has those obnoxious elastic sweatpant cuff things, but that just makes the pants part easier to roll up below the knee. My floormate despises the jumpsuit itself, but complimented me on my skillful clothing manipulation.

Skinny brown belt (thrifted, $5). Too small for my hips, but just right for my waist. It's doing rather a handy job of keeping that folded-over jumpsuit top where it should be.

Grey crewneck T-shirt (Gap FavoriTee, some amount of money). I have FAR TOO MANY of these T-shirts. Good thing they look good with anything, otherwise I'd have a problem. This particular one may be getting a tad big on me, but that's probably because of the washer/dryers at this dorm. It's just bordering on unflattering, but it looks good with high-waisted stuff.

Quilted ballet flats (Sam and Libby, $24). The first pair of flats I've owned that don't fall off my feet or make them smell or do anything else nasty. I love them so.

Plus: Various and sundry scrunchies on my wrists, a clip in my hair, etc.

That's it! Lovely to meet you all! Hope I can remember to keep this blog updated (and get a camera, etc.)