Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well hello!

My name's Jess. I've been a long time lurker around fashion blogs and the like, and as they've all been rather inspiring, I supposed I should give it a try. I haven't any outfit posts, I'm afraid, as I haven't a camera, but I can give you a quick rundown of what I'm currently wearing and perhaps add an image to it later.


Black polar fleece jumpsuit, folded over and worn as drop-crotch trousers (thrifted, $20). The look is very American Apparel without the priciness, or the shoddy construction which I so despise about that store. It has those obnoxious elastic sweatpant cuff things, but that just makes the pants part easier to roll up below the knee. My floormate despises the jumpsuit itself, but complimented me on my skillful clothing manipulation.

Skinny brown belt (thrifted, $5). Too small for my hips, but just right for my waist. It's doing rather a handy job of keeping that folded-over jumpsuit top where it should be.

Grey crewneck T-shirt (Gap FavoriTee, some amount of money). I have FAR TOO MANY of these T-shirts. Good thing they look good with anything, otherwise I'd have a problem. This particular one may be getting a tad big on me, but that's probably because of the washer/dryers at this dorm. It's just bordering on unflattering, but it looks good with high-waisted stuff.

Quilted ballet flats (Sam and Libby, $24). The first pair of flats I've owned that don't fall off my feet or make them smell or do anything else nasty. I love them so.

Plus: Various and sundry scrunchies on my wrists, a clip in my hair, etc.

That's it! Lovely to meet you all! Hope I can remember to keep this blog updated (and get a camera, etc.)

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