Friday, November 28, 2008


The Gayboy of the Western World's Spring 2009 collection:

Some of them are awesome, like this:

And some of them are a travesty, like this:


Honestly, it's the color scheme that was a real problem. He tried to do his characteristic skinny bottoms and tight tops in colors and fabrics that were absolutely wrong for the job. That floaty, see-through stuff is cheap. I'm pretty sure that the pants fabric is charmeuse, which shows every wrinkle and flaw in the execution. Even if it's flawlessly sewn, that color makes it look wrinkled and cheap.

The dresses, on the other hand, are FABULOUS. Actually, anything that's not the Siriano super-fit is fabulous and fierce. The swooshy pants, the swooshy tank tops (except for that dreadful cardigan/blazer thingy), the gorgeous swirly organza dresses, even the hats, those silhouettes are fantastic. It's that silver I have a problem with mostly. If he had done more in the grey-blue, or the red, or even the yellow (ick), or if he had stuck to his characteristic black black black, it might have been a bit fiercer.

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