Friday, December 12, 2008

Melissa Haro


From Sports Illustrated 2008


Seriously, I want to be best friends with her and play with her silky brown hair and cuddle with her. Look at her. Before she got typecast as slutty 20-year-old SI model (which will haunt her for the rest of her life) she was a surprisingly versatile (but still slutty) 16-year-old PR model.

Look at her in that adorable updated retro chaste silk flowered dress. LOOK AT IT.
Now look at her in that whoretastically fabulous pirate girl bikini. Can you even tell it's the same girl? Only barely. She's like Kate Moss with her versatility, only she's tall, dark, and voluptuous. If she ever breaks free of the SI curse, she could have a fantastic career. Honestly, it'd be good to see someone with a really killer bod after all the twiggy china dolls walking the runway for the past five years.

GAH! She could be Cindy Crawford. The potential, it burns!!

P.S. Look at her creamy, gorgeous skin. Raw as hell, girl!

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