Friday, December 12, 2008


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I'm a hat person. It's probably not a good addiction. The first picture, one of my fave hats--this ratty old used fedora (still has feathers and everything!!) set me back $25. I know. What the hell. SO EXPENSIVE. I probably could have asked my grandpa for one and gotten it fo' free. Ah well. I get most of them off the street or vintage (the second fedora was off the street--I found its twin in denim for like, a dollar at K-Mart. This one was $10. Gah. New York prices.)

But when I wear it with my fab beige peacoat-esque jacket, I look very film noir. At least that's what one of my filmie friends said. Fedoras are super-fun, even if they are a bit out of style. Only because they're overused. I wear my wool tweed one all the time, because it's old and well-loved. I'll probably show it to my grandpa, who will immediately accept me as his favorite granddaughter.

(P.S. Behind me is my roommate, who is so sartorially fab it's not even close to funny. Someday, I shall get her to take some pictures, and you may all bask in her glory.)

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