Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm pretty sure I have never posted twice in one day

...except for that one time, I think back when I started. Which was a long time ago, and not at all proportional to how many posts this blog has. Which I think this makes 31. Whatever.

These are some things I found sitting in my unbearably messy room between the bed and the wall.

This is a vase. It was under my bed and I used it for a scene four months ago and had no need for it ever againsies. Now it lives under my bed. With the monsters.

My first and only Moleskine. The lack of spiral binding annoys me, because spiral binding makes drawing so much easier, but I have managed to fill this up with a considerable number of artworks, including this one on the folder in the back:

It IS good, goddamnit.

A B.A. black leather wallet from Claire's ($1! Incontheivable!) with studs and a buckle and stuff. Cow products are nummy.

This fan smells AMAZING. It is the only example of perfumed wood that I have ever actually encountered in the real live world. Did you ever read Memoirs of a Geisha? This fan is like that for me, but brought to life. If I had been Sayuri, I would have spent my entire career sniffing fans.

There are plenty more saved on my webcam, but the last thing the Internet needs is moar picturespamming. Maybe someday I'll reveal them to you. Muahahahaha.

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