Monday, June 29, 2009


Things I wore, foods I ate, and faces I made today:
It looks like pig slop, but is actually two kinds of bread with garlicky butter on top. The darker one is banana. It was a bitch to toast. But delicious. P.S. I ate a plum too, but that was before I took this picture.
The dress is an old maxi from my grandmother, the belt is vintage and incredibly long. I'd shorten it but I'm afraid of ruining it. I love it though. So cowboy.

Twice in the past two months, someone has told me I look like Natalia Vodianova. Strange, right? The last one (my darling friend Vlada) sent me links to an old shoot of hers (Dec 03) starring Gaultier, Karl, Donatella, etc...
(ps forgive the chipmunk cheeks I was chewing breadstuffs)

You can find the rest HERE.

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