Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Gray tank with black stripes--thrifted H&M
Jean shorts--chopped up brother jeans
Jeans--stolen from brother's giveaway pile
Heeled sandals--thrifted Kenneth Cole Reaction

Apologies for the blurriness.

Most everything basic that I thrift is H&M, Kenneth Cole Reaction, or Divided (sub-brand of H&M). These brands seem to make the perfect (and perfectly unappreciated, judging by the level of wear on the stuff I end up buying) basics. I just thrifted six shirts the other day, all of which were H&M or Divided. Then I went back a day later to buy the sandals. Odd, right?

I was in doubt about this tank top, because I always look at it in the pile and am like "This doesn't suit me at all". And then I try it on and I'm like, "This is PERFECT!" I don't quite get it, either.

In re: the jeans: these are the most perfect man-pants I've ever worn. The other pair (eventually scrapped for shorts, see above) were too blocky and made me look not nearly as lithe and kickass as I am.

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