Monday, January 12, 2009

Gap Teeth

There is a Facebook group called "I Support All Of Kate Moss’ Past, Present, And Future Endeavors".

Among the various inspirational foh-toes of La Mossinator, you will find these gems:

Oh, Marky Mark. Never change.

Both Hepburns combined into one tiny tiny model.

"Oh yes, please, some more champagne. And maybe a little crack cocaine, if you can spare it."


I want these pants. For absolute srs.

Ironic, yes? Because she's British and too hopped up on the good ol' crack cocaine to even consider fighting in a war. Shooting someone, yes. Shooting someone systematically...that's a probably not.

Always gotta go with the classics. This is probably the best picture of her ever. Maybe.

Punktacular Kate! I want this hair. It's like Victoria Beckham met Morticia Addams.

This is like my life. Except I don't read in the bathtub. More like on the toilet. Hmm, maybe I've said too much.

Flawless. Possibly as a result of high-contrast lighting and some mild airbrushing, but who cares, really? Flawless.
Oh, and p.s:

THIS IS NOT LA MOSSINATOR. Just saying that if you're going to be a member of the biggest Kate fanclub on the FB, much less post pictures on it, you should at least know what the reason for the biggest Kate fanclub on the FB looks like.

(all pictures from ISAOKMPPFE)

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pennerad said...

soooo...who's the bottom chick?